How to Succeed at Life in Two Basic Steps

Two weeks ago I was explaining to a group of friends that I had learned two basic steps in my Bhangra* dance class this summer (one where the feet touch down on the beat and the other where the knees are raised on the beat), and I had been doing one of them incorrectly since day one. Fail. One of the friends misunderstood and thought I was talking about life in general, as in there are two basic steps to living life. I felt compelled not to disappoint and chose, on the spot, the two steps to follow, per my reasoning, to live successfully.

dogturnsignalStep 1: Use Your Turn Signals

This first step is constantly on my mind since I drive almost every day and so many drivers never signal. Turn signals are vital on the road. They alert other drivers where you are going and allow them to plan for your next move. Heck, some drivers let you cut if you signal your desire to switch lanes. In life, we should also use turn signals. We need to know where we are going, and it is important to plan, at least a little. Then, we can share our hopes with people around us, and they may even help us out.

Mask and corner smile by Eric Bornstein

Mask and corner smile by Eric Bornstein

Step 2: Smile

Smiles are contagious. A smile on our face tells our brain we are happy, and our brain releases happy chemicals. Even if we feel sad, faking a smile still tricks our brain, and we actually begin to feel better. If people around us see us smile, they smile. They also think we are happy and approachable, and we make friends. We spread fuzzy snuggly feelings. The world is a better place. So smile often, no matter how you really feel.

In dance, Bhangra has touch-downs and Punjabs. Life just needs turn signals and smiles.

What are your two steps for life?

*Bhangra is an energetic celebration folk dance of Punjab, a state in northern India.


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