Meditation Combats the C%R*A#Z@Y

Since I live on the anxiety spectrum and am starting a nonprofit, my nerves at times escalate exponentially; all the vision, planning and achievements in the world cannot prevent moments of WTF?!

So, more than ever, I am using meditation, exercise and affirmations to keep calm and focused. It may SOUND HOAKY, but it’s really just taking some alone time to self-care … we can all agree on that! Build up our own strength to prevent crises and face them with useful tools instead of just reacting without addressing root issues.

Pampi sent me this article which reaffirms why meditation works:

My daily practice

Morning affirmation and gratitude:

* say a mantra I’ve written just for me, which outlines, in 30 seconds, all the qualities I wish to embody across aspects of my life

* write five things for which I am thankful:

1 about Pampi since we spend so much time together, and we can be the most negative towards people closest to us

1 about my immediate family because ditto

1 about my work because it is a daunting (while at the same amazingly awesome) task

2 about life in general because I forget about the beauty of the world when my mind becomes single tracked

Sometime during the day (I need to become more consistent with timing so unexpected happenings do not get in the way)

Physical exercise! For the heart, strength + flexibility, and release of tension and mind clutter.

Evening meditation:

* a quick 3-minute meditation focusing on breath (one minute), clearing my mind of thoughts (one minute) and sounds (one minute) OR

* chakra cleansing through breath I learned from Reiki

Ta Da! What do you do to keep calm and be your best self?


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