Loreto Paz Ansaldo

Community Interpreter and Translator
Spanish/English | She/Ella

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I specialize in interpretation and translation services for grassroots and community organizations working towards social justice.

A native of Chile, I’ve lived in Boston most of my life. The experience of being an immigrant has shaped how I move through the world, and it’s led me to advance language justice, which I do alongside collaborators locally and beyond. I’m also a teacher, artivist, and former personal stylist. When not focused on language work, I’m developing an Activist Calendar for the Greater Boston area.

Are you wondering how to grow your organization’s capacity around language justice?

Particularly during the COVID-19 crisis when communication and sharing information across languages is essential and people who prefer to communicate in languages other than English are being disproportionately affected?

My philosophy: I don’t believe that language work is a simple transaction. Instead, I strive to build relationships that can sustain our efforts for the long haul and support the lives and world we want to create every day.

My approach: I will work side-by-side with you and your team. First, I will listen to your needs and language justice vision. Then, (and this is my superpower!) I will break it all down, strategize a plan, pull from a multitude of resources and strategies, assemble and energize the right collaborators, and make it happen—that is, deliver offerings that center your organization and community members.

Here’s how my colleagues and I can support:

  • Interpretation for community events, meetings, conferences, and more (in Spanish and other languages – I work with fantastic partners!). Including remote interpreting.
  • Translation of outreach materials, websites, social media copy, reports, and more.
  • Transcription of interviews, meetings, and more.
  • Trainings especially curated for your team and community members. Offerings include: Working with Interpreters and Translators, Building Multilingual Spaces, and Intro to Language Justice. We can also facilitate Highlander Center’s “Interpreting for Social Justice” 16-hour certificate workshop.
  • Consulting on how to more intentionally center people who speak languages other than English and how to leverage language as a tool for social justice.

Current projects include:

Also, do get in touch if you’re a fellow interpreter, translator, language justice practitioner, teacher, artivist…! I love meeting enthusiastic people, connecting folks, and sharing/growing resources.

These are some of the awesome orgs I’ve worked with this past year.


  • Translation Certificate (en > es), UMass Boston
  • Community, Legal, and Medical Interpreting Certificates (en <> es), Boston University
  • Interpreting for Social Justice certificate, developed at Highlander Research and Education Center
  • Active member, New England Translators Association & American Translators Association
  • Bachelor of Science from MIT, studied Nuclear Engineering and Latin American Studies and completed pre-med curriculum
  • Master of Science for Teachers in Secondary Math, Pace University in New York
  • Teaching Certifications in Math & Spanish (grades 7-12)

And here’s a bit of joy for your day! Penguins from Isla Magdalena, Patagonia, Chile. One of the happiest days of my life. Penguins are the best.