*my name

nod to Sandra Cisneros

If you are my friend or spend a few hours with me, I will correct you on the pronunciation of my name. I just cannot stand hearing it butchered in speech more than a few times a day.

When I worked in retail, I answered on average 5 times a day on its origin: where did it come from? why did I have a boy’s name? etc.

For now, let me just explain how to pronounce it:


the “r” is like the “tt” in “lottery” in US speech

the “t” is as in “tea”

but really as long as you hit the hard “t,” I am happy!

Lore is then my nickname. It is not “lore” as in “folklore,” but more like “loreh” with the subtle roll.

Next time I see you, you have better practiced!



not really


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