Interpreting for Multilingual Justice Workshop

The revolution will be multilingual! During the weekend of July 23, 2016, I attended the Interpreting for Multilingual Justice Workshop organized by the Boston Interpreters Collective and facilitated by Roberto Cesar Tijerina, formerly of Highlander Research and Education Center. Since then, I have joined BIC as an interpreter/translator as a way to continue growing myContinue reading “Interpreting for Multilingual Justice Workshop”

Intergenerational #RadicalMath Workshop at the #AMC2016

My sister Isabel and I co-facilitated an Intergenerational #RadicalMath workshop at the Kids Space in the Allied Media Conference #AMC2016! Using the idea that Radical Math is math (patterns, models, amounts, sizes) that analyzes things that are very important in our lives, we looked at self-care within our families and made bar graphs based onContinue reading “Intergenerational #RadicalMath Workshop at the #AMC2016”

Educators of Color Conference 2016 #ECC16

Yesterday, I had to honor of presenting a workshop at the first Educators of Color Conference, held at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and organized by three teachers there. The organizers shared the call for proposals in early March with a wishlist of topics. I saw the call on Facebook. One of the topicsContinue reading “Educators of Color Conference 2016 #ECC16”

Returning to #BostonCreates Leadership Council Meetings after the Holiday Break

Tomorrow Tuesday, January 26, 2016 we have our fourth Leadership Council meeting for #BostonCreates. A draft of the “Boston Creates Cultural Plan Framework,” prepared as a result of the information gathering phase from May to October, has been sent to us for review in anticipation of the meeting. Mayor Walsh is scheduled to speak atContinue reading “Returning to #BostonCreates Leadership Council Meetings after the Holiday Break”

Leadership Council survey – My answers

1. Your Name Loreto P. Ansaldo 2. In your opinion, what makes Boston’s cultural life special? What do you especially like about it? There is so much happening locally; there are people skilled at and passionate about everything and anything. People work hard and want to be resilient. I can always find folks who areContinue reading “Leadership Council survey – My answers”

Initial Response to Being a Member of the #BostonCreates Leadership Council

I just had a conference call with two of the consultants working on #BostonCreates. Below is a letter I send them earlier today with my initial thoughts on the Leadership Council, of which I have been chosen as a member. Meeting notes and next steps to follow. ************************ Tuesday, June 9, 2015 Dear David andContinue reading “Initial Response to Being a Member of the #BostonCreates Leadership Council”

Leadership Council Application

Boston Creates Leadership Council application Fri April 24 2015 5pm In the space below, please tell us why you are interested in serving on the Leadership Council for Boston Creates (3000 characters maximum) I have been an arts lover since a small child in Chile, falling in love with ballet, staging puppet shows for neighborhoodContinue reading “Leadership Council Application”

A Song with Everyone – Canción con todos

As I begin my third week in South America, currently in Rio de Janeiro, I wanted to share the lyrics to this regional anthem. I don’t remember a time when I did not know these words. Even while on the plane from the United States to Santiago de Chile, our first stop, this song wasContinue reading “A Song with Everyone – Canción con todos”

Trip to Patagonia (Chile & Argentina), January 2013

NOTE: I will add more details over time. For now, I just wanted to get the logistical details of this post out there as the summer season begins in South America and people start to visit Patagonia in higher numbers. SCROLL TO THE END for a list of all the services, including bus lines, weContinue reading “Trip to Patagonia (Chile & Argentina), January 2013”