Educators of Color Conference 2016 #ECC16

Yesterday, I had to honor of presenting a workshop at the first Educators of Color Conference, held at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and organized by three teachers there. The organizers shared the call for proposals in early March with a wishlist of topics. I saw the call on Facebook. One of the topics was self-care. I decided to answer because I have been actively thinking, reading and talking about self-care as something that is important and needs to be intersectional for the last couple of years, in addition to my personal journey dealing with chronic muscle tension and pain since age 18 and OCD since age 3. I submitted a proposal for “Defining a Personal Vision of Self-Care for Educators,” adapted for teachers from self-care and related events/workshops I have co-facilitated.

On the website linked above, you can read about all the workshops and both keynote speakers. You can also access workshop materials, included those from my workshop. I will be Tweeting and Facebooking particular notes and reactions shortly (I have not learned how to live Tweet – I miss too much).

[It may be in a few days, as my attention and feelings, as those of so many, are now with the terrible shooting that happened early this morning in Orlando. May those who have died rest in power, and those injured recover soon. No to hatred towards LGBTQ, no to racism, no to islamophobia.]

The materials from my workshop, adapted as a series of journal entries that can be done alone or with a group, can be found on the #ECC16 site here.


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